Hey, i’m James Edgar, a guitar playing, country singing, survivor of a major brain injury and lover of pizza. I sing pretty much everywhere. While doing the shopping, driving the car and especially while in the shower. Thanks for visiting my site please check out my videos and audio recordings below.


I began singing from the age of 8 years old. I became a member of the Coventry Cathedral Boys Choir. During this time I also went of tours with the choir. I’ve met and sang for the likes of Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandella and the majority of the British Royal Family over the years.

Back when I was 18 I fell alseep whilst watching tv. I then woke up around 3am watching some guy with long hair dance around in a circle whilst playing the most amazing guitar riff I had ever heard. I found out the guy was actually Keith Urban singing somebody like you live at the CMA’s. From that date my love of country has grown. Keith Urban still to this day remains a massive influence on my music.